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Commercial shops/Office for Rent in Vadodara

Ideal Shop or Furnished Office for Rent in Vadodara

Looking for commercial spaces in Vadodara? Your search ends here! NooBrokerage offers a wide range of options, including shops for rent in Vadodara and furnished offices for rent in Vadodara. Whether you are a startup, a growing business, or an established company, we have the perfect space to meet your needs. Explore our listings and discover your dream commercial office space today!

1. Shop for Rent in Vadodara:

Are you an entrepreneur looking to set up a retail store, boutique, or shop in Vadodara? NooBrokerage has a diverse selection of shops available for rent that cater to various businesses. Our platform provides you with the convenience of exploring numerous options, ensuring you find the ideal location and size that aligns with your business goals.

2. Furnished Office on Rent in Vadodara:

Setting up a new office or relocating to Vadodara? Our furnished office spaces for rent are designed to streamline your transition. Avoid the hassle of furnishing an office from scratch and move into a ready-to-use workspace. Our listings feature well-equipped furnished offices that can accommodate teams of all sizes. Enjoy a comfortable and productive work environment with all the amenities you need.

3. Office for Rent in Vadodara:

For businesses seeking a flexible workspace, our extensive collection of offices for rent in Vadodara offers a variety of options. Whether you need a small private office or a spacious shared workspace, NooBrokerage has you covered. We understand that every business is unique, so we provide customizable office solutions to suit your specific requirements.

4. Commercial Office Space in Vadodara:

Expanding your operations or starting a new venture? Our range of commercial office spaces in Vadodara caters to businesses of all types and sizes. From modern high-rise buildings to strategically located commercial complexes, you can choose from a diverse portfolio of spaces to find one that aligns perfectly with your business vision.

Why Choose NooBrokerage?

Extensive Listings:

Our platform boasts an extensive and up-to-date database of commercial properties, making it easier for you to find your ideal shop for rent in Vadodara or office space.

Expert Assistance:

Our experienced team is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect shop or office space that suits your needs and budget.

Transparent Transactions:

We prioritize transparency and ensure that all transactions, whether it is for a shop for rent in Vadodara or an office space, are carried out smoothly and securely.


NooBrokerage simplifies the property search process, saving you time and effort so you can focus on your business.

Customer Satisfaction:

We take pride in delivering excellent customer service and strive to exceed your expectations.

Explore Now:

If you are looking for a shop or furnished office for rent in Vadodara, look no further than NooBrokerage. We provide a user-friendly platform to browse through a wide range of commercial office spaces, including shops for rent in Vadodara, that cater to diverse business needs. Take the first step towards establishing your business in Vadodara by exploring our listings today. Your dream workspace awaits!

At Noo Brokerage, we have different commercial properties located in different areas of Vadodara. We provide transparent services for any type of property. Noo Brokerage also does not charge any brokerage fees, so you can get a property as per your requirements at an affordable price.

You can get different commercial properties in Vadodara from Noo Brokerage, like commercial shops, offices, showrooms, and restaurants. You can get commercial shops for rent in many areas of Vadodara from our platform.

No, you do not have to pay any brokerage fees for renting a commercial property in Vadodara. On our platform, you can connect directly with the property owner and in case of any query, you can also connect with us.

You can check our page for commercial properties for rent from different available properties, you can also use the filter like keywords, property type, property location, and price.

While renting a commercial property in Vadodara there are several key factors that you need to consider like the location, nearness of facilities, verification of the documents, and other required facilities and amenities.

Following is the list of documents essential for renting a commercial property in Vadodara
Identity Verification:
Aadhar card or a government-issued ID proof, along with a copy of the receipt received.
Passport (For Non-Indian Citizens):
Non-Indian citizens must submit their original passport as proof of identity.
Power of Attorney (If Applicable):
If the property registration is being conducted on behalf of someone else, a valid power of attorney must be presented.
Business Establishment Details:
Comprehensive evidence regarding the nature and purpose of the business establishment, which could include business plans, brochures, or other relevant documents.
Ownership Proof:
Original proof of ownership, especially in cases where the property belongs to a landlord.
Government Approvals (If Required):
Any official approvals or permits from government authorities, if applicable to the property or business.
Two recent passport-sized photographs of the tenant or authorized representatives.
Commercial Rental Agreement:
The rental agreement should be printed on stamp paper of the recommended value to make it legally valid.
Corporate Documents (If Applicable):
Depending on the nature of the rental, additional corporate documents may be required, such as:
Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association.
Agreement outlining the association of persons, if applicable.
Bonds and dealership proofs, if part of the business structure.
Shareholder and listing agreements, if applicable.